Youths Are Scared Of What Technology Can Do

at some point we say maybe we're not well dressed we're not good enough we don't have the best of technocrats but on the other side we are also scared of the hackers within the very or an entity of the country so what does this really clearly tell what kind of picture does it paint we have prepared the standing or we do not have proper understanding or what exactly is there in between I think we are scared of what technology can do ok yeah because all these hackers that we have you know that are hiking banks I can carry you know that kind of thing all these people they're young people that are born and bred in Kenya they've gone through colleges in Kenya you know it's not like it's some random dude from a different country coming in so it means we have access to you know technology and at a very advanced level yes so instead of getting afraid of what it can do I think it's time it's time for us as a country to embrace all these young people that are taking right now and probably provide a guideline on how to use this tech responsibly great because yes you can be an Hakka ethically you know still make you Millions you don't have to do it illegally or that kind of thing and then also another question is when you get somebody who's the illegally acquired information or in illegally made money from technology what do we do about these people where do they go how the young man who stole was it 400 million less what did we do about him after that you know was it just a story of you know but tagging bank you take him to a prison and forget no we probably should honestly speaking yes we did to get it right from the right well I think I do not forget that because then it's sort of mixed sense because you don't want to just have this brain rotting in jail I mean we really have many of those so why should we just let this guy be thrown into jail but like he puts it I think we need to get it right from the white color because yes we might have our kids being introduced to technology but maybe we're introducing them not in the right way and I know the impact of excessive use of a technology on our youngsters today we've seen impacts hugely we've seen most of them going out there to kill themselves you know depression and everything just because they cannot skip hop over the world so how do we get it right at that bottom level so that even when we're crafting the policies even when we're crafting things even when we decide that yes we're going to channel this amount of money to that then we do not end up of course experiencing more failure than success I think to get on the right track and the first thing we should do is to have a conversation about what we can do with technology for example when you look at youth and how they are using technologies today the most common technology that we come into contact with every day that is global and that is accepted in our country the social media but how our youth using social media we are not using social media in a way that we we are advancing ourselves maybe economical maybe we are connecting with friends and family and with the world but how our youth making use of something like social media to for example make an income I am in a background where I do involve marketing in social media is one of the best platforms to do marketing but you hear you say there is no employment in this country yes there is no employment but are we taking advantage of these opportunities being driven by technology are we using social media to maybe sell goods and services through it or are we just using social media to post vacations and get into depressions and stress also look at the internet and how the advancement of Internet in this country we've gotten to a point that most users of the Internet who they are godless and the gobblers are the youth so we have technology it has been misused but the same technology that is being misused has the potential to and things or to the better sight in this country and what you asked about the the ethics and the growing in technology and ensuring that we don't use technology in the wrong way I think the most fundamental thing is to introduce technology to to for example the kids at an early age for example when you look at the the Silicon Valley the kids in in San Francisco introduce technology at a very early age so they start making games they start coding by the time they are of age they make critical inventions so we should introduce children to technology we should not have fear that it will impact them negatively we should have the courage to say we will introduce them in time so that we can compete with the world like he and say that with technology has no borders when we started I said that at integral we make software for Africa and this I did say cocaine because we don't regard the Caronia borders I call them the colony about put in place by colonists we don't regard them as a as inhibitors to expand into the drawer the continent so we have to have this conversation and see how we can adopt technology for the good because technology I believe has more goods to offer than the buds all right well good note that when creative introduction to technology is what probably will activate our youths are struggling with transitional you know issues from this stage to the other and everything most of the times you find that our parents are absent when you look to the question of technology then you realize is that generational gap also most of the olders are not so much into technology so in the programs that you people conducts what's key things have you in Cooper towards ensuring that there's that proper introduction creative introduction into the world of technology you know in you know of course ruling out the fact that we can just wake up and say boom let's just have them have a phone you know the culture show tell you with that realizing that actually the phone is not not about the games that are they are not about you know sort of are you talking to people but equally something that can be used to you know generate revenue something that can be used to keep your mind busy something that can be used for you to come up with great innovations so what are these programs that have been put aboard to ensure that we get to balance this and jelled in these kids or gel in these youths into technology in a smooth way and a successful way for that writer thank you and I think before I can respond to your question it should be prudent of me also to note that I think what should I say now from telling you is also professional locker stays right next to you worked your way to that so it's your way of living but anyway I hope you don't practice it as much or as much as its ethical is that anything like ethical hacking yes it is there we need to talk about that I think we can but I think it's like let's say that done also we need to get some stress districts correct and data because essentially if you put a policy in place which is not a data-driven I can tell you this and you can take this to the nearest EMPs IJ you know let me give you an example this geezer named National Youth Council they are my good friends and everything and you know the national youth policy yes but I can tell you from 15 and from the research of down on the ground that policy is so abstract is not data driven whereby I'll go to my local village in Cavani in McWeeny open a youth empowerment center give the ten million but will a make follow up to know how that genuine exist return I'm telling you Oh to the social impact what effect that's it I'm done some think some figures are exaggerated in 2017 a research was done by the Bill Gates Foundation the average age in Africa is nineteen point five years in Japan it is 45 years Wow in Germany it is 45 via 46 yes yes this discussion I'm trying to bring that cognitive part of these discussions so that we just don't dwell on the intellectual part yes exactly I'm having an average age of young people of making very fine it tells you we of dynamic right energetic motivated and it spiritually what pregnant people what what or what this means is that whenever this young people are given the right forum change yes this do you know over you know Fred sonica is the founder of Africa leadership organisms you can google this every year the Academy gives two thousand two million u.s. dollars to technology and research artificial intelligence probably knows him you know Fred Maceo stigma see you he started something we call the Mozilla Mozilla app it is in the Bombay and Botswana you know what they do they introduce young people to coding at very early age every year they graduate 1000 student we are starting each in Nigeria and probably I'm told they want to start in Ghana this camp let's now come locally what are we doing it what is the government doing with regards to providing the policy framework before I can come to what is an organization we are doing I can say I don't want to sound very pessimistic because that will be foolish of me and I will be a poor critical tool to do so there's something we call the public-private partnership and I can tell you it is transforming societies and it transforming the young people what are they doing if I can post another rather sarcastic question for you today we have these ICT abs I ABS are they public or the private bit yeah very pretty ugly private or we just not preview today simply yeah

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