Your Biggest Questions About Money EQ with Ken Honda

These are some of the
most common questions we get about this program. Now the first question is,
“The concepts seem a little too mental and spiritual, too vague. Isn’t money about practical
steps like investing?” I have an accounting
and consulting background, and I have taught many individuals,
especially entrepreneurs, how to achieve financial
independence. So with this masterclass,
I focus more on money EQ side. I’ve proven that I can teach you
many things that are practical. And so in this Money EQ class, I
teach many things about energy, and spirituality, and psychology,
but at the same times, I want to assure you
that this thing works. I’ve had hundreds of thousands
of testimonials on my website It’s overwhelming. And I can attest to that. I have many friends
who are billionaires. I have have been mentored by
men who have built $100 million to billion dollar companies,
and it is always about the mindset first. Many of these men and women never
even graduated high school. The second thing is this. “Yes, we know that Japan has the
highest number of millionaires per capita, but will these ideas
work outside Japan, especially in the United States? Are these universal models?” I think so because the
relationship we have with money is universal. I’ve done a lot of money counseling
overseas, and I have been amazed. It’s almost identical what
kinds of problems we have, and how to solve them, and how quickly it turns out
it’s about the same time. So I think it’s very universal
about money. All right. Now this is a question
that’s interesting. So someone asked us,
“For people who don’t believe in psychic stuff or energy…” I know that’s not actually
the term, but they use that. “What can I get out of this?” So, I get the same
questions in Japan too. Even though arigato in,
arigato out concept seems somewhat spiritual, but when
you think about it, people feel other
people’s feelings. So when we feel like somebody is
weird, like maybe my intuition tells me that I should
not do business with, is this scientific or not? The next question is this. “Can you really create
such profound changes in just three weeks?” I’ve done a lot of teaching in
my past over the years, and I think it takes a while
to change your life. But to receive an insight
that’s going to shift your life, it’s usually one moment. It might take some time to shift
your life, but to receive an insight that shifts your
life is usually one second. So 21 days is a great time for
you to look back your past, and also check your
relationship with money, and then think of the future. So 21 days will be an
amazing time for you. Now one of the other questions we
get, and I’m going to address this, is, “I’m already so busy
trying to succeed at my job, and I’ve got kids, and I’ve
got a family to take care of, and I might be working two jobs. How can I add something
else to my life?” Now this is one of the things
that makes Quest so unique. You’re not signing up for an
eight-hour, full-day seminar. You’re not signing up
for a 10-hour program. You are signing up for a 21-day
program with 5 to 20 minutes of shifting your mindset every
single day, and you can listen to Mindvalley Quest on your
smartphone, whether you have an Android or an iPhone
device, in no additional time. For example, as you’re buying
groceries. just plug in your earphones and listen to Ken. As you are on a treadmill,
as you are driving, and these stacks, and these little
instances add up and create a massive shift. And especially if you’re busy,
you need this program, because if you’re busy, it’s a sign
that you’re struggling with money. The wealthiest people
in the world are not busy. Now finally, “Will this program
help me if I have major credit card debt?” I want those people to get the
knowledge from me because the reason why you’re in
credit card debt is you didn’t have enough knowledge. Probably you didn’t have the right
mentors or teachers around money. So I want you to know more about
money so that way you can get out of debt, and start saving
enough money, and someday very soon you find your financial
independence in your future. Thank you, Ken. Folks, I can’t wait to see
you in this program. You know, every author that I bring
onto Mindvalley, I work with that author because I want
to learn what they know. And our hunt for a money
expert took three years before I discovered the work of Ken
Honda, and I felt he was the guy I wanted to learn from. And so as I produce these
programs, I’m not just producing them for you. I’m producing them
for myself, for my family. Every program, I ask myself,
“Will this be something that my son Hayden, when he is
old enough, would go through and shift his life?” And this is one of those programs. I cannot wait for this
program to come out. I’m going to be one of the
first students who enroll. And I cannot wait
to hear your stories. Remember, the stories you
heard today, the woman who got the book offer, you could be
one of those case studies too. So enroll below, and I’ll see you
in Money EQ by Mindvalley with Ken Honda. Thank you all. Thank you, Ken. Thank you so much.

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