World vs Japanese Technology – Part #1

world versus Japan technology during the late 20th century Japan became a world leader in innovation and technology pioneering efforts in electronics and robotics since then Japanese tech has been coveted by consumers all across the world we have listed out ten daily use products Japanese use which are advanced in technology SmartWatch while the entire world uses SmartWatch similar to this Japanese simple SmartWatch Japan has developed so much that Japanese daily products have also been advanced and smarter than ever before umbrellas you me and everyone we know uses umbrella similar to this but Japanese use full-body cover umbrellas full body cover umbrellas which are only found and used in Japan whole world uses knife to apply butter on bread whereas in Japan you can easily find a pocket friendly butter stick which you can easily carry for lunch rest of the world while having a beard cut needs to focus on minor things which also feels very stressful on a Monday morning right Japanese love products which makes things easy as we all known how early morning would be for Japanese worker bared toast while the rest of the world is using the toast machines Japanese use knife toasters toast your bread while you're slicing it hand wash while rest of the world uses soaps and hand fertilizers Japanese use soap tablets as hand fertilizer which are also convenient to carry laptops while for rest of the world MacBook seems smaller and easy to carry Japanese laptops are much faster reliable and cheaper Japan has again created history with portable left fuel while rest of the world is still using petrol and diesel as fuel to run vehicles Japanese use electric vehicles Japanese government encourages electric vehicles by reducing taxes and granting longer warranty door lock while rest of the world still uses key to unlock doors Japanese are using smart door lock with facial recognition and full-fledged security system keyboard while rest of the world are still using the flat and ordinary keyboard Japanese use keyboards in round size this is also believed to increase 40 percent of performance if you're also feeling that Japanese are living in 3019 please comment below and also don't forget to subscribe for more interesting videos meet you all next time with Oh another interesting video hit the bell button on the right to get our video alerts instantly

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