World Telecoms & Info. Society day-ICT Expert speaks on bridging the standardization gap

your project manager and harp on it or do ejecting me thank you very much for joining us now technological advances such as 5g and the Internet of Things is said to have the potential to deliver considerable social and economic benefits and also to drive progress towards the sustainable development goals but in Nigeria we still have to grapple with getting citizens to upgrade to 4G can a nation grow like this yeah thank you so much for having me Nigeria is where it is in the telecom war because of monopoly of business we in a situation whereby a group of people are developed we don't treat we have on ground we don't meet them with overwork we over labor them so therefore because of this there is no productivity because of this there is no initiative to build the head trauma so Nigeria is where it is right now in the United States we are moving to 5g and where we have just one cell site almost within five miles how do I mean all the network providers did for example Henry and Nigel network hotel the come together in one particular site and provide network for the earth for their subscribers but in Nigeria they are cell sites almost everywhere so because of this the express the the cost of bringing new technology is so high but here in the US just once a site serves about five seven miles radius so because of this we have we are deficient in trying to bring in equipment because of the cost and also in this part of the world when I was an engineer but in Algeria I noticed that our leaders our the land trillion governments have allowed a particular company to monopolize the telecom world a partner from this management is managing echa is in Niger network so therefore because of this we cannot move forward this way alright so in all of this what do you think is the way forward we have to move forward as a nation and ICT is one way in which we can go for so how do you move forward in all of these issues okay first of all by developing by by me I do research and also developing the hands we have on ground how do I mean here in this part of the world people get trained every day people do with such as days the government fund research for technology so our government need to fund with set for that month it for example the insurgents we have in in this part of the world will commit a crime in less than a day you will be apprehended the commercial invest more in development indeed aiight in the information technology world our house will be where we have if the government is not spending more if grants are not giving to engineers if companies that those research are not doing the research are a way supposed to be there where will be where we had to the next generation all right i IC t experts or doing adjective me thank you very much for talking to us on this issue whether I sensitive or thank you so much

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