Working at ResMed-Meet Rehana, Global Product Manager, Healthcare Informatics

you so my name is rohana I'm a global product manager in healthcare informatics I've been with resonated for 10 years this year which is quite a while so there's two things for me really the first thing is the opportunity to solve really complex problems with a really great group of people and in the second part for me is that we're helping people is that a good experience for the patient or are we making the end users life easier so as a global product manager in healthcare informatics I'm responsible for the marketing inputs for one of our software platforms so I work with people in Asia Pacific Europe and the Americas to gather their marketing requirements and then I'll work with architecture infrastructure software developers user experience people and will create the features and get it into the product so cultural fit for me is a big thing I think I always look for someone who's able to work in a fast-paced environment who's versatile because things are constantly changing who's willing to question decisions and to think for their own and come up with ways they think we should move forward so go to the res made careers website or you can also find resume on social media so like LinkedIn and even at some careers fairs you

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