Word of welcome: Software Engineering & Business Informatics

hi my name is Richard I'm study program manager of the informatics study program here at fountas in Van Loon I think the NFL you studying this abroad is that and the IT domain is very internationally oriented so therefore it's very good that students can practice during their studies already you're working in an international environment I think there are a few things one things that we are really practice oriented and that means that during the study program we are already working on a lot of practical projects practical applications and we prefer to do that in cooperation with with companies we are relatedly a small study program that means there are about 250 students in total and that also means that there's a quite informal communication between students and and lecturers what students can expect is an environment in which multiple international students are studying but it's also integrated with Dutch and German students so there is not a separate stream for English students but everything is integrated and we think that has additional value and the other thing is that they we have a small but professional lecturing team that will make you an thoose yes actually we expect from our students as mainly passion for the IT domain that is that is the main starting point the other thing is communication skills and nowadays it's very important that IT professionals are also able to communicate with people in different domains so actually it is way more than a program

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