#WhyWorcester Graduate Medical Education

[MUSIC PLAYING] When I matched to UMass
I was absolutely elated because I love New England and
couldn’t wait to get back here after medical school. I try to be outside. This is kind of how
I get my exercise. And if I can do it in a place
as beautiful as Worcester, I’m happy. The food is amazing
and I actually have one of my colleagues, is
a huge foodie, so I trust him. Certainly,
Shrewsberry Street has a number of different
cultural restaurants. I graduated from
medical school here. Worcester ended up being a
town that had a lot of interest for me. Having access to a
number of mountains, for doing things like
trail running and skiing, as well as really easy access
to the White Mountains. And then, going into Boston. It just ends up being
this perfect middle point between so many other
amazing things as well. You can hop in a car
and within five minutes you can be at an amazing
farm to table place called Armsby Abbey. We have a local bakery
that also has live music. Within that space, they
also have farmer’s markets. I’m a first year
pathology resident. I think its visual quality
really draws me in. I’m Kate Davidoff. I’m a third year
pediatrics resident. I spent my undergrad and
my med school careers in larger cities. And Worcester kind of
just had this charm that I can’t really describe. It just seemed like
almost, it’s a city so it has all the
amenities of a larger city, but it just kind of had a little
bit of a smaller town feel. And everything was just
so much more accessible. I really have come to love
central Mass and the people. And the energy here, I
think, is really great. I think Worcester is
still a growing city and you can feel that. It’s a big city with difference
of, you get more space. Cost of living is lower. And you’re relatively close
by anything that you need. I did my two years of
medicine residency here. Graduated in 2016
and stayed back for an endocrinology fellowship. I always tell
everybody that there’s a reason why people want to
come to Worcester to train. They end up staying for a while. I’ve had the chance to be
friends with colleagues, even had the privilege of
being a doctor for people from all parts of the world. And you learn so much that way. We’re at Sneakerama right now,
which is our local shoe store. Every Thursday night we
have a group fun run. And this is something
that I started coming to during my third year. It’s something
I’ve really enjoyed and it’s been a great
part of my involvement in the Worcester community. It’s a wonderful place to
spend, in my case four years. In other’s cases it might be
three to six, seven years. No matter what you’re looking
for, the state of Massachusetts has it. I feel my training here
has equipped me to work in whatever practice I go to. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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