Why study ICT at Harrow College?

after I completed my ease of course I proposed on Jim OCR level 2 diploma 90 so that's the beginning of articles that I studied in this country and then after I completed my level 2 in OCR my overall grade was distinction so having that distinction in OCR level 2 diploma I had opportunity to choose Peter exploitative normal in IT having a learned many aspects of IT in my current course the favorite part was developing a website and designing your database and I also participated in competition where I had to design a loaf of a car at college and my lover was selected by the head of policy stuff and to participated in extra activities I have done my work experience in Department of Work and Pensions where I worked along with the professional IT people the create facility I liked about the hello colleges the Learning Center because this always provide me with the books and the computers to complete my assignments and research about the assignment I have to complete and that the undisturbed working in the Learning Centres friendly and they always help me with my assignments and any way want to proofread my assignments they asked me to him as a mentor them and they proofread didn't give me feedback before I submit it I'm happy that I choose Carroll College because it gave me the opportunity to develop my IT skills to continue my father education at University and University I will do my computer science and cyber security

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