Why Star Wars’ Tatooine Sunset Is Even Cooler with Science! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

– It has to be one of
the most iconic scenes in film history. Luke Skywalker, burdened with
a purpose yet unknown to him, stares with uncertainty at
a beautiful alien sunset. It’s a masterpiece of modern filmmaking, but I’m here to say that it
would even better in real life. Here’s why. (electronic music) Let’s take a moment to
look at this scene again. Ooh, that’s some good sci-fi. This scene is unmistakable, but what I want to show you is that it can be made
even better with science. Specifically, living on a
planet orbiting two suns has some surprises in
store for its inhabitants. Unless you’re an astronomer, I think it’s natural to assume that our solar system set
up is the universal norm, like this perfectly drawn
and circular chart shows, but that’s not the case. In the last few decades,
we’ve learned that most stars that you can see in the night sky are in fact multiple star systems where planets could be orbiting two or even three or more stars. Oh, poor Neptune. Oh, poor Neptune, I forgot you. Oh, I’m so sorry. Don’t worry, no one noticed. Of course, Tatooine is a
planet orbiting two stars. Given the fact that
both of Tatooine’s suns are visible in the night sky and they’re about the same size, we can assume that Tatooine
is a circumbinary planet, or a planet that is orbiting two stars which themselves are orbiting the stars’ combined center of mass. Here’s where science makes
this scene even better. Even though we don’t know how fast Tatooine rotates as a planet and binary stars can
orbit each other every day or every thousands of years, there is one consequence of the cosmos that we don’t see in Star Wars: A stellar eclipse. If Tatooine is a circumbinary planet, then according to the physics alone, it should have sunsets like this, and the next night it can
have a sunset like this. Awesome! Or rather, look at this. (humming Star Wars music) Pretty cool right? This is just the beginning of how cool the Tatooinian sunset you’re looking for could be. I know we all assume that Tatooine has suns
the same size of our star and that Tatooine is tilted in the same way that the Earth is, but the universe is a big place with a lot variations on what’s possible. It’s just as possible that Tattoine’s two suns orbit each other like the Earth and the Moon does, or the Earth and the Sun, with one star much much
larger than the other dictating how they move around each other. Then a Tatooinian sunset
might look like this to Luke. Again, depending on planet
tilts and orbital periods, with stars of different sizes eclipsing each other multiple
times during their orbit, and the beauty of this is it even visualizes some of
the theme’s of Star Wars. David and Goliath, rebel vs empire. But binary stars can also
orbit each other’s barycenter or combined center of
mass for orbiting bodies in an ellipse. Ooh, look at all these
big words we’re using. (laughs) Now imagine seeing this while surveying a
moisture farm’s landscape and thinking about your life. So much cooler. Because we never see a
full day on Tatooine, the sunset really could be in any one of these configurations. We have proof! We have proof. In 2011, the Kepler space telescope discovered a binary star
system named Kepler-16. (light saber) NASA knew it was a binary system and that it had a planet
orbiting around it like Tatooine might because of how the sunlight
dipped from Earth’s perspective. In other words, NASA discovered
a Tatooine like planet looking at the very thing that
makes a Tatooine so special: the eclipses. If you lived on a planet
in the star system like Kepler-16b, which
NASA also discovered, you would see eclipses, two of them involving
two suns every 41 days. No two sunsets would look alike for weeks. This isn’t even happening
in a galaxy far far away, this is happening in our own Milky Way just 200 light years that way. (humming Star Wars music) We’ve known about binary star
systems for hundreds of years, but George Lucas, credit
where credit is due, was the first person to really popularize just how beautiful a sunset in a binary star system would be, and now, 40 years later, we actually have enough evidence to say it would look even cooler,
even more science fictiony than Star Wars predicted, and I think that’s
beautiful in its own way, Because Science. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to follow me on Twitter, where you can suggest
ideas for future episodes, and on Instagram under the same name where I’m now posting
behind the scenes videos and extra rants and stuff. And a special announcement, more because science gear
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fun and sciency to say and makes sense in a lot of contexts and is also this YouTube show. So head over there, sport your nerdery. I’m sure in the movies
they have this worked out, but depending on the orbits of the stars that Tatooine is orbiting around, and how quickly Tatooine spins, the day night cycle on Tatooine might just be straight up trash where you have no
sunlight, or all sunlight, or like two hours of night. You would… I don’t wanna go.


  1. Nerdist said:

    Hey everyone! You can now head over to my Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/sci_Phile/) for extra rants and thoughts (and mini-episodes start next week)! This video also starts my run-up to Rogue One. So what's next? Lightsabers duh. — KH

    December 1, 2016
  2. MisterValverde said:

    5:37 Maybe that's why they live underground! 😀

    January 1, 2017
  3. mitch said:

    something can't be even more "science fictiony" based on realistic evidence. That makes it less fictiony.

    January 2, 2017
  4. GeekyGirl said:

    would it work with two moons??

    January 2, 2017
  5. L. Cleveland Major said:

    There an even cooler possibility in which the habitable planet could orbit a small red dwarf star, which in turn orbits a star about the size of the Sun or larger at a great enough distance to not affect the temperature of the planet much but still able to be seen as a disk instead of a point of light.

    There is precedence for this possibility just a bit over 4 light years from the Solar System. Proxima Centauri has a planet that is slightly more massive than Earth orbiting in the habitable zone. Yes the star it orbits is a red dwarf, and yes the other two star in that triple star system are about one third of a light year from Proxima, So those other stars would appear as very bright points of light at that distance, but because of the distance they could be seen during day time on that planet even along with Proxima.

    Since this is a definite thing, it is not a leap of the imagination to think the possibility exists for my initial scenario.

    January 3, 2017
  6. John Mann said:

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