Why I got into Tech

My name is Tania and I’m from Ukraine. I’m Julia and I’m from Berlin. Hey, I’m Hannah. I’m studying Interaction Design at CODE and I’m from Hamburg. My name is Maya. I’m from Israel. I’m Fran from Yemen, and I’m studying Product Management at CODE. Why did I get into tech? Because I wanted to build products that actually serve the person’s needs and focus on the user and not just the business side. I actually never had anything to do with tech before. I was drawing and painting – more the creative person. And then at CODE in the Orientation Semester I had three weeks of only coding and I kind of got caught. So in the army, I was a computer manager which allowed me to see the reactions and emotions of people. I decided to learn user experience, interaction design. And this is how I actually got into tech. So as I am in the deaf community as a half deaf person. I would love to help this community by showing and transferring music to them. It would definitely about creating the most inclusive and comportable community for everyone. Number one is climate change because that influences and effects everyone of us. And the second one is equal opportunity. So I really want every single person in this world – no matter who you are, where you come from, whatever your background is – you should have equal access to education. I think it would have to be when I volunteered in Cambodia and the impact I had there. Because it was really a life-changing experience. Because I really saw the impact I had. The most fascinating for me was participating in the “Facebook Artificial Intelligence Hackathon” and even to be one of the three winners there. Actually, I get inspired by a lot of things here. I mean we’re in Berlin that’s really creative city with many young people. Everyday coming to university seeing here students discussing problems, projects, fascinating ideas, really motivates and inspires me for doing great things.

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