Why Did You Write GROWTH IQ? #AskTiffaniBova

so I had been asked for a number of years why don't you have a book so I finally made the decision to sit down carve out some time and figure out if I was going to write one what was I going to write it about and really it took me on this whole journey of figuring out what would be valuable what hasn't been said before what could be said differently to help modernize some of the ideas that have been out in the market for a long time and really I landed on this wonderful framework that I like to call growth IQ it continues through this entire path of stories it talks about how you have to think about the context of the market how you combine certain efforts plus a lot of the experience I've had over decades of advising companies and now in my new role traveling around the world trying to help companies grow it was a perfect time for me to launch this book growth IQ

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