Why did you choose to pursue the field of Health & Informatics?

and today we asked student attendees why did you choose to pursue this field professionally I really just kind of fell into it I've always been in the desire to help people and stuff so you know healthcare was kind of a draw to me and my background was always in computers in electrical engineering so I just kind of fit right into you know designing systems that would go across the state and pull you know records from disparate in EMR systems and stuff so this is just perfect fit for me it's really how it worked so i choose to get into informatics because on hospitals when i was using health records i just wasn't 100% impressed by the functionality and I felt like I'd like to help make this better so after training in medicine I realized that training or I realized that treating one patient to another patient wasn't really solving the issue of disease prevention and so I figured the best way to prevent diseases would be to going to go into public health and figure out how we can prevent on a mass level I am sponsor from for my country to study in this field in order to improve their health care system in my country my interest in health informatics grew when I was in the medical schools I'm actually from the Philippines oh it's developing country so we found that the use of information communications technology in the field of Health has great potential in order to facilitate service delivery and health information delivery towards the underserved and geographically isolated and disadvantageous area so we I was very much interested particularly on mobile health and clinical health and how we will be able to bring about a faster and better service and information delivery towards people the Filipino people particularly yeah so I am an MD and I did a couple years of residency and and all of my clinical experience I was just really pretty Apollo that big disparities between technologies and in one hospital versus another and I've become very convinced that healthcare information technology has a tremendous potential to make a huge impact in quality of care and efficiency so I think it's really the way of the future you

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