Why choose BTEC Applied Science

So before I came into teaching, I worked in
industry in the chemical industry and now I’m actually teaching I wanted to share that
knowledge. So I teach year 13 BTEC and we talk about quite a lot about applying that
knowledge to BTEC in terms of making sure they understand that there’s a real life job
out there for it. Sometimes when we’re doing a practical again and we’re setting up the
equipment and things like that, there’ll be a lot of questioning in terms of like why
do we do it this way? what is the point of this? And when they start actually thinking
about all of this and it’s like you know what happens if it goes wrong and you have to think
of the safety of it and things like that the reason why is because I tried to link it back
to my experience in the industry which was someone is responsible for something, there
is a job out there that does that which is, regardless of its quality assurance or if
it’s a safety check or something. And I think it’s really important that they get that everyday
experience. Another thing I enjoy about studying Applied
Science is the variety, other than just biology chemistry and physics. We learn about the
engineering side, the hospital side of stuff, paramedics. And it just appeals to me and
just makes it enjoyable.

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  1. Butterfly Simmer said:

    I do btec applied science. It pretty cool and I learn lots of science skills that would be useful. Much better then alevels. Easy (in my opinion) to get good grades. Would recommend to anyone who struggle with exams but loves science.

    September 2, 2019

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