Why Body Language Matters for Engineering Managers – Nonverbal Communication

Anthony Fasano here from the Engineering
Management Institute and in this Engineering Manager 8020 Shorts video I
want to cover the topic of body language in your conversations as an engineering
manager you will undoubtedly be engaging more with people engaging with your
team’s engaging with other consultants engaging with clients and you need to be
aware of your body language so what I mean by that is talking and speaking is
only one part of a conversation listening is another part of the
conversation but how you carry your body is another part so a couple of quick
tips here eye contact is very important especially in today’s world of
distractions try to maintain eye contact in conversations with people because
that shows them that you’re engaged and it shows them that you’re really
listening to them and without that the quality of your conversation can
decrease tremendously if you’re staring at your phone if you’re looking into
space you’re not making that eye contact the other thing is your posture stand up
straight and tall that again shows people that you’re confident shows
people that you’re engaged if you’re slouched if you’re staring down if
you’re looking away again you’re losing that connection and that’s something
that is you know really really important and the other body language kind of
strategy that you can think about using is gestures you can point to something
you can use your hands to describe a project that engages people as opposed
to just standing there and talking with them animation right we’re engineers we
build things we design things so show them that in your conversations so I
hope those tips are important I just want you to be aware that as an
engineering manager you need to engage with people the more engagement you can
get with people better results you’re gonna get on your projects and in your
career overall I hope you enjoyed this video
please leave comments or questions we love getting them we love responding to
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