Who's Hotter? Investment Banker or Data Analyst?

if you want to see a way in which to increase your opportunities and you tend to be someone who's good at hard skills quant math those kinds of skills coding and computer science and related well then certainly this is where you can grow what I would not do is and I have this a lot with students who have this skillset who've got an undergrad and sometimes even a masters in this area who are computer scientists and who are extremely strong in data and checking all of that and somehow are trying to switch out of that and say go into Investment Banking right like I have so many cases of that and you know to me it's just it just seems to be the wrong thing at the in in the way things are going you know it just seems like and and the only reason I say this is because a lot of times with those students who do that it's this sense of like well but that's so boring this IT stuff and because that's how they see right this IT stuff is stuff I've done and it's boring and it's not glamorous and it's not you know it doesn't make money whereas I want to go and get a job on Wall Street and become an investment banker and make money and you know really none of those things are true it's all of this is changing right just the money piece is changing salaries a change is how the amount of salary that you can command is that's changing I think the figures that something like the average the average data scientist job is in the low 100 thousands right so like basically 110 thousand something like that and then it goes up all the way to like 180 thousand when you're mid-career when you're like say in your I don't know Oh a 30s mid 30s I mean that's not bad it's really good right and of course it's the the top top people earning the highest other phd's right so the ones where I live actually done a PhD in stats mathematics computer science those the people who are really going all the way to the top ranges so all I'm trying to say see how like it's switched into I mean if you look at it from a glamour point of view it's it's it's changed it's it's ready it's not just changing it has already changed right if you're thinking about like what is you know what's hotter I want to be at the cutting edge or this is kind of what I want to do it would be a mistake to think that your previous IT background is not cool enough and Wall Street is I think that has switched around or at the very least if you don't think that it is in the is happening and it will soon end up there and so you don't want to you know the last thing you want is to just ignore skills that you already have right not leverage skills that you already have when the market values them a lot okay all right I'll try and include the link to so this is the Bloomberg report that came out that basically kind of said that this this tech piece sorry the data piece specifically within tech is where the hottest area of opportunities are and they did surveys and all of that to support that and then there was a there was a lot of commentary around that so that's where that is and then of course the US jobs report that had positive news overall but not necessarily for graduates but I mean these two go together in terms of like alright well if you want to know where the jobs are this is where they are right in tech and data you

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