When Innovation Meets Hospitality: Etihad Airline’s Digital Transformation

(aircraft engine humming) – [Kavita] A few hours before, where check-in was
expected to be published, we found an error in the code. (clock ticking)
– We don’t normally do things in 15 weeks. It’s not something we would normally do. – [Tristan] You’d be
surprised how few people were able to check in
through our digital platform. – This a story about an airline that’s been able to use technology to showcase its warmth and
hospitality to the world. We’re in a very competitive environment. Customers visit dozens of travel websites before making their transaction. What we need is a digital environment that shows us for what we are, a five-star airline with
incredible experience. (light orchestral music) – We needed a fresh approach to developing this quite
complex business transformation. – We aligned our discussions with Etihad along the Hybrid Cloud strategy. – This project had eight
different streams internally, running within the piece of work, and they’re for eight
different integrations, 12 different ecosystems under the hood that had to be integrated. – We had daily stand-ups. We basically followed
the garage methodology. – Embrace the concept of prototyping, of DevOps and modular, agile delivery. (uplifting orchestral music) – We were able to do a
quick proof-of-concept in two weeks, less than two weeks, which really demonstrated to them the power of the IBM Cloud platform. – Microservices-based
technology architecture helped us to develop code
in a matter of few hours, publish the code into an environment which is safe and secure,
and put it out in the market to bring in business value. (fast-paced orchestral music) – When we were in the delivery phase, it was rapid increments
in front of customers, tested with real people. – So at the end of the day, by the time the project was
over, it was like a big family. We’re each at a point where we could complete
each others’ sentences. – We had 16 releases
immediately after go live, which is unheard of in (mumbles) for a completely new application. That’s the beauty of having a cloud-based and a microservices-based architecture. This is unheard of. This is path-breaking, really. – And now, with this first
part of the journey complete, people believe in that
vision, that strategy, and that architecture
that we put together.

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