#WhatTheTech 31 – Hyve’s Technology News of the Week with Sam Cooper

Welcome to What The Tech, Hyve’s look at hand-picked technology news stories from the week. In the news this week: Hackers have exploited Netflix’s data retention policies in order to reactivate cancelled customer accounts. The streaming service stores this data for up to ten months, including the billing information, thus hackers only needed emails and passwords to reactivate these accounts. Quirky video sharing app, Tik-Tok, has been accused of illegally and secretly sending user data back to China. Tik-Tok’s parent company ByteDance, has been further accused of ambiguous privacy policies and using said data to sell targeted ads. What’s the next step for Amazon’s AI efforts after Alexa? If you were to say an AI keyboard designed for machine learning, I would have thought you were crazy… …but it’s actually happening! The keyboard called DeepComposer generates music on what you play, but it’s still confused everyone as to who it’s meant to be for. A new type of malware has been discovered in a fake chat app on Android devices. CallerSpy is designed to snoop on calls, texts and other communications, and is believed to be part of a cyber espionage campaign. So be careful what you say, as you never know who might be listening. So, we’ve got spies, hackers, and dubious business practices, whilst Amazon’s off in their own world playing with keyboards. You can find more on all of these stories at hyve.com/WhatTheTech

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