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alright let's report I'm gonna take off above all right guys so today we're going to talk about something that's kind of I don't know if it'll be controversial how we grow a typical a typical to like that we're gonna talk about something that's little atypical Sam and I are gonna share some of the things we actually hate about informatics you know I need something a really strong dislike way be hey ok well we take turns how about you say something that you don't like about informatics and our don't so ultimate so number one that preconceived notion that you're just IT the the main word in front of what idea was pharmacy so I'm a pharmacist first you know window smart to school graduated past my name flex and so happen to specialize in informatics so I'm not just IT I am a pharmacy permit and I would echo that and I'll add to it because I hear the same thing as well I think that that is one of my dislikes because you know when I was interviewing for jobs so I I was actually those heavy gear during my future way too so I was going around talking to recruiters and all these managers and I was like you know my name is Brian I just doing it finishing my feet wet to a partisan chromatics you don't seem to have any open positions just kind of introducing myself all right first question they asked me was like what is your clinical experience here's a residency you know and they're staffing you know we said too obvious right and I Stefan than anyone else in my future I soon so pasty for me that's certainly one of my dislikes because I feel like people look at us as someone who don't have it when we lost our clinical experience something like that so didn't mean to get one of my disliked would be they have kind of torn about it would be the long hours sometimes you know right because we're so project driven sometimes we end up staying up late or working longer hours because it's it's just the nature of beast where we have this goal i we have a certain project deadline or something and we just work until that project gets done so I think that for me that's one of my dislikes yeah just uh just to be able to piggyback off of that like you know rheumatica Peter home you know and you might be out your friends and doing something and then the carousels down the order it's not orderable anymore if someone needs to be able to have it's medication time and so you know those are the challenges that things that come with having that IP tablets use that you might not have the most super convenient schedule when you like it and it's just based off the needs of your institutions you know I kind of wondered when you're saying because I feel as though it would be very hilarious if we can comment and talk about the video while making puns the pharmacy I know missed three of those and you could have used those puns while you're speaking one was about piggybacking off of what I said just talked about was not the one you talked about scheduling stuff place a dose is but all right all right so I can't top that but uh wait just say you didn't see it doesn't it's like so it's your turn so you think that vitamin all got to okay you know things I would say the idea is so fresh and it's reference because because it's so frightening so new and people are really just developing understanding of it no one else what you're doing so every time I introduce myself come around you people there a pharmacist of mental oh I'm a pharmacy in for Madison tonight what's that what do you do and so that continual trying to explain what you're doing and what oh I think I get it but they don't get it so it's an everyday challenge trying to get people to understand what we do but I mean hopefully by continuing to say everyday that people will start to catch on like oh we had I know what it is but that can be a little knowing initially so just to add to that but not only add to that ask you a question from that statement what do you tell others like what you do like for example the easiest way of explaining it this is like when when I think someone absolutely does it know anything about healthcare or pharmacy or anything at all I'll be like okay and welcome to computer systems at the hospital like that's the most basic definition I think computers so what are you saying up like have you seen with it and you know will you realize who are these in the back doing anything behind the scenes like we're the ones that have anything moving thing that you don't necessarily see but you wonder how it gets done I thought its kind of stretched but that makes pretty good nice okay forget pharmacy informatics we do it from the back that's what we did all right so for me I guess to go back to me what something else that I dislike seems like a lot displays but something else that I dislike which is similar to what you're saying about being a new field but because it is also a new field I feel as though our job definitions and job description sometimes they're not very clear so for example if I'm doing pharmacy informatics here so where I'm a you know you know we're doing informatics here it could mean something completely different somewhere else and I feel as though to get at the heart of it sometimes pharmacy informatics at some places encompass everything that is anything that's computer or technical related and I feel as though that is not practicing at the top of our license you know we're not tech people by trade so we can't troubleshoot every single type of technical problem like we're pharmacy first so all right I feel as though that's a little bit of a challenge because sometimes you know I feel so we get pull away to do things that are not as that's Santa PUD best usage of your FTE best use of our time so that's gonna challenge but you know we still get paid the same about so it's kind of whatever right right yeah so that's something else so before we persuade in one see informatics this is kind of ended there there are certainly a lot of dislikes but a lot of things I like I obviously can say I love my job right I don't like everything about Bynum and we talked about the long hours but I love was about a birth to it I wait he speaks for itself I wake up and I'm happy to do I'm happy doing what I'm doing and then I go sitting like behind I really get a difference so you know it's all about your calling it close it different matters for you you know your mind may be a shorter day because you finished narrative so quickly or maybe a bit long today because there's still more work to be done so now there's always the pros and cons with a mean game okay so you heard it here did I think we're gonna wrap it up here if you guys have any more questions or comments that came up from this comments below otherwise feel free to contacts and you can email us directly until next time guys

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    Why am I just watching this for the first time?!?! It is ridiculous how clean our shoes are haha

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