What Is Vector in Biotechnology – Biotechnology Process and Application – Biology Class 12

Vector in Biotechnology we use vectors for example in normal life when you have to travel what you use use American vehicle is a medium by which you transfer or travel from one place to another similarly in biotechnology or in biology if you have to carry one particular molecule from one place to another place you use a vetor or vevicals now vectors are used to transfer cut piece of DNA into from the into the host organism now when the host organism multiplies your gene of interest also multiplies inside the host organism along with the vectors now vectors obviously there are Verity of vectors available the most commonly used type of vectors are 3 plasmids bacteriophage and transposons when I say plasmids plasmids are obtained from Ecoline one second plasmids are extra chromosome when I say extra chromosomal it means they are located outside the nucleus region they are circular they are self-replicating and they are a part of Ecola example of plasmids would be PUC PUC 19 or pbr3 22 now the second type of vector which is widely available is bacterial watch when I say bacteriophage it means bacteria and fast it is a bacteria that attacks a fudge now bacteriophage is basically a virus a type of a vector which is a virus that is used against a bacteria it is a virus that can multiply inside of bacteria example where bacteriophages can be widely used is HIV experiments or bacterial files transformation experiments now comes the third type of vector the third type of vector was transposon transposons are nothing but jumping genes transposons can jump from one place to another place inside of DNA or and integrate themselves whenever they wish to combine use of transposon so word in the experiment of God for example by gamma Clinton did the experiment and jumping genes was widely used to bang on American corn was found or the genetic variety from the blue variety which was the initial Indian variety of the phone the yellow variety the genetically modified corn or the American type of converse form and your transposons they made use in that so let us study what vectors are let us see what vector or vehicles are but it is used to transfer the cut piece of DNA on the side gene of interest into host organisms basically vectors they are carrier of vehicles which are used to transfer things from one place to another type of vectors which are available a plasmid bacteriophage and transposon you take a vector put your gene of interest form our DNA and then put it into host organism let us see the various type of factors available first one is plasmid they are extra chromosome one self-replicating small segments that are found in organisms it could be a colon example is fuck 90 the second one is bacteriophage it is a wireless that multiplies inside the body of bacteria example could be HIV virus can be used as a bacteriophage the third and the last one transposons they are jumping genes that can integrate in the genome transposons was used in the cone expand thank you


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