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this is Edie Edie is an important CIO he is responsible for his company's IT infrastructure the business heads in his organization are continually demanding that Edie defines an IT strategy that supports the development of the business and Edie fears that his network infrastructure isn't agile enough to meet the demands of a modern digitized business Edie isn't alone businesses today require a dynamic hybrid network that can make use of any type of connectivity available at a location at any given time but also have a way to ensure and monitor end-to-end application performance businesses need a software-defined one so Edie set up a meeting with his NTT communications Account Manager Simon Simon explained to ed by activating multiple cost-effective network connections at the same time we can create a hybrid one and this helps give your network more bandwidth and higher availability if we monitor the performance of every link of this hybrid Wan we are able to tell an application which path is best at any given time think of it like a policeman directing a busy traffic junction we tell the policeman which traffic is most important and which traffic isn't the policeman sends the most important traffic down the least congested Road that offers the fastest route wow this is great things edie but how does this all work and how can my company use it NTT communications would need to deploy the sd1 functions either on premises edge devices at each location or in the network pops as cloud-based functions then create a simple policy to reflect which applications are important to Ed's business this policy is then automatically applied on every on premises and Clow based edge from entities software-defined orchestration platform the sd1 function will monitor each access line and application performance and send information back to the orchestrator if the network link performance changes the sd1 function will change the application path dynamically to a better performing link furthermore NTT communications sp1 can be logically serviced chained with other critical network functions such as security and application acceleration services so what can add expect from entities sd-1 using multiple access types edie can increase his company's network availability and bandwidth by selecting the best path from the hybrid network he gives his users better performance for applications by making better use of more cost-effective internet and moving away from more expensive leased line connectivity Edie can optimize his network spend laughed but not least NTT communications sd1 is provided as a virtualized Network function therefore can be deployed and configured quickly and flexibly to meet the ever-changing needs of EDS business NTT communications sd-1 increased agility availability performance with optimized cost you

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