What is Health Informatics

health informatics is the use of information tools and techniques not only computers to support clinical care health services administration of research and education for clinical care both informatics tools and techniques are used to capture and record information so we can have a patient record to clinical care health informatics tools are used to provide prompts to clinicians so that they don't give drugs that may be harmful and they're used together they're also health informatics techniques can also be used to support clinical care by providing prompts to clinicians based on keywords in the record reminding them what conditions are more or less common in the community the techniques to tools are also used to support communication between clinicians about elaborate um a little research so clinical care helped for health services administration once you have an electronic information in electronic form in easily aggregated when you can aggregate and capture information about groups of patients you can use it for to develop predictive modeling your data mining techniques so you can learn the characteristics of people who are most likely to have one or another health condition you can also use these tools and techniques to help you learn which patients are most likely to benefit from a particular intervention and which ones are most likely to be on some terms of Health Services Administration if he considered this a little much tragedy if over the years people have been capturing information about health care activities and linking them to the results people would have known much earlier that's a little odd was harmful and in more recent history the whole question of Easter's and replacement for postmenopausal them where it took many years to learn that it Betty sturgeon the place was closed bristles to people in terms of Health Services Administration in a world where people are constrained of resources almost everyone would agree that the shirt certainly should stop doing things that you know are harmful and probably not to things that are only mischievous waste money so it can use for clinical care health services administration research the sense we capture information about patients our characteristics and then what they're likely to have what's likely to work with for them and the reference for education for education clinicians who they were who are in the world today where patients have access to all of the world's libraries including medical libraries so you can get just-in-time information about a particular patient and the problem you get just-in-time information about drugs you can get just-in-time information that will help explain particular constellations of signs and symptoms so health informatics is used to support clinical care health services administration research and patient and provider education

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