What does technology mean for society?

it's a thrilling intellectual challenge to think what makes people intelligent and can we make machine intelligent this is a question that is absolutely fascinating you know if we kind of part of what science easiest to understand the universe right we want to understand the universe in this case we want to understand what is intelligence and there is part of it it's done by I'm I'm not a psychologist or people that colleges and neuroscientists and cognitive scientists and they study people and I look at it from the perspective can this be automated what can be automated so the thing that drive very much in computer science is what can be mechanized what can be automated you know I started doing it I think it was age 16 it was just very interesting you know firstly solving a very big puzzle the puzzle gets us bigger and bigger and more more intriguing and I've been doing it now for the next year will be 40th anniversary if when I what my first paper and it's still equally exciting but maybe with with age come more kind of wisdom that I spend much more time I think yes but what does it mean for society and I have to say this is as I mentioned this is like the Sonny I've stood more in the past five years somehow before that I thought that this is somebody else's job to think about that you know sociologists economists they should think about it and now I feel that a sense of personal responsibility and party because technology becomes so central in our lives I mean if you just think of you know the way now everybody practically carries a computer in their pocket among people I think I'm statistic that is people interact with this sometimes you know I dunno hundred times a day if not more technology becomes so something so central in our life that now when you think about the consequences they are highly significant I mean you now just just last week in the newspaper Apple in Apple investors are worried about the addictive power of the iPhone with respect to children and teenagers we took Apple investors now we're not talking about the association fall for war in Paris talk about Apple investors Facebook is trying to reshape itself I mean the concerns about technology is now bubble to kind of to the very very top and so there is a phrase I'm not quite sure it goes done goes goes back to but with great power comes great responsibility so if you ask me 25 years ago to computer have great powers I would says well left the potential to have a great power now I think we have kind of moved to the center you look to data what are the day I think the top five corporations in terms of size market capitalization United States I don't know exactly the order I think Apple is probably upper I think it's apple and an alphabet and and Microsoft and Amazon and Facebook in some order unnatural order and this five cooperation between them a market capitalization probably approaching three trillion dollar so technology has become tremendously powerful immensely central in our life and in a small way of course and part of it you know I mean I don't make the decision on product I didn't decide to do social media but a part of this ecosystem I'm developing part of this technology some of my students work at Facebook many of my students work it and at Google we get funded by this cooperation they benefit from the reasons we are doing it's all part of the same ecosystem so in some sense even the thing that I would say I would not have done it I still feel personally responsible for this and so now the question is okay if you're if I'm responsible what's what does it mean when you're portables were for something what does it mean and so as as a professor of computer science as a as a member of the of the tech community I'm trying to kind of educate both the public at large but also my own my own technical community we have to step forward we have to assume responsibility and it's not I don't think that we will have the solution these are become complex societal questions you know we would not have that the solution to the future of folk will not be the term abide by computer scientists but we have to be part of the conversation and what we party we can contribute is the difference any of the technology understanding of where it's going how fast it is going so we cannot we must be engaged with with humanists with social scientist with Public Policy and it's the thing is a new thing again if you just until few years ago we just said just leave us alone let us as you say let us work on our computers we will create stuff other people who will commercialize it and other people will think about what does it mean and now I think we need a more holistic conversation you

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  1. Scott Morris Rose said:

    Now we are all sons of bitches.

    June 30, 2019

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