What do Mechatronics Engineers do?

well a mechatronics engineers are responsible for many modern-day advancements a wide range of consumer products and industrial machinery from cars to television to robotic assembly lines for example for evolutionary products demand flexible manufacturing systems can be used when minor changes in design are required however automation product lines cannot accommodate four set change and are very expensive to deploy new systems again in the integrated systems approach there are various interconnected subsystems elements components and normally a dynamic coupling between them is desired rather than the traditional cascading approach to controlling electronics are not afterthoughts megatronics requires technical coordination and very good organizational skills intelligent mechatronic systems such as ugb you these micro air vehicles they use computational intelligence capabilities such as sensing learning reasoning making decisions from incomplete information using AI techniques so they can provide improved situational awareness using embedded sensors mechatronics has extended applications in the medical device industry healthcare domain some of our alumni and almost students share their experiences with us both on campus experience as well as industrial experience the following videos will show that my fascination with smart devices has been motivational force into the mechatronics engineering at Monash University I graduated in 2013 and I'm a proud alum I approached the exposure in the research environment during my final year project as an undergraduate student fascinatingly with the first real world illicit experience that led me to pursue a career in medical bollocks research which led me to my first work offer in same area as a recess what's my priority levels and what we're doing is taking obvious Micro helicopters like this and integrating our senses and my per controllers and brilliant so that people music then use them as a platform for mechatronics research my name is Jack Murphy currently completing my final year of mechatronics engineering and Wes university also working as an electronics and fabrication engineer within the design department of General Motors Australia my study ax wash opened up the opportunity to successfully apply for and work as an undergraduate engineer at GM more than full time for 12 months and that was in the electrical engineering department where I was a part of the design release and launch of the electronic subsystems in the one link plane VF Commodore my background in mechatronics and my experience home into my current role where I'm leading the integration of the existing production electronic components in applications for global vehicle design and fabrication projects and some of these presented all over the world so I'm a research student in the field of mechatronics and my research or my work is based on the pathway of robots specifically the path planning and the quranic' analysis of general robotic arms and manipulators eMAR bachelor degree in mechatronics two years ago and my major focus was on design and analysis of mechanical structures now I my research into this minimally invasive surgery for one my name's Michael and I'm currently doing third year mechatronics engineering my name is Morgan I'm willing to give extra engineering so what do you really study in med claims well I suppose like mechatronics you obviously studies and Electrical things so as an example so this is a good project that we're doing by building a little little bit of a hobby car robot and the ideas that combine some electrical components we learn how to use the chips voltage regulators and things and as a person a mechanical GPU board yes GP or Emily integrating the camera into the systems and all sorry disease janky server is various assumptions so I needed to understand that talk the dynamics of how this machine will do other things in study electronics um furthermore like there's a need for modeling and control and temperature so not only that we also learn how to work in industry because we learn about CNC machine and modeling certain stuff to work very CAD software as well which is quite important all right and if you do mechatronics engineering at Monash we get to build cool robot monkeys so there's your electrical component the entire car itself is a catapult about idss yeah we get to program this microprocessor to do whatever you want experiences well it's a lot of teamwork communication great fun but also a lot of work and stress yeah all right the material in mechatronics mainly consists of programming electronics and control theory the material is heavily mat-based but is it's extremely rewarding the first few years will be more theory based however this is necessary in building a solid foundation of knowledge from which to build off in our later years while studying the clinics well there's a range of units from chemical intellectual as well as units both just exclusive to the matrix unit such as sensors and artificial exception project yes as well my experience of studying science engineering well I feel like it gives me a pretty broad understanding from the couple disciplines in engineering which is going to hold me in good stead whether I want to go into more electrical side things or mechanical there's also not changed you go to software development as well my name is James and I'm my third year of mechatronics engineering at Monash hi my name is Yael and I'm the fourth year mechatronics engineering student guys my name is dawn and before ta much term is basically the interface between mechanical and electrical engineering mechatronics engineers are involved with designing and building all sorts of different electromechanical systems so basically mechatronics engineers build robots

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