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hi I'm Mike from goody learning I'm here to talk to you about the benefits of prince2 project management competent project managers never proceed without a clear plan they have so much to juggle in terms of stakeholder demands changing technology and so on that working without a solid framework is almost guaranteed to result in lost time wasted resources and poor quality prince2 is the world's most widely adopted project management framework so let's find out what the biggest benefits of prince2 are and why you should invest in becoming prince2 certified one flexibility in project management prince2 is a generic and highly adaptable framework not only do you not need specific software to run it but it can also be applied to virtually any projects or company with experience users can learn to adapt prince2 in order to create frameworks which suit their needs perfectly this can be ideal way to future-proof an organization for future products to common language prints to practitioners are all familiar with the frameworks terminology and methodology this makes it easy for practitioners to communicate and work together even if they're from separate departments companies or even industries many companies will even upscale multiple employees at once to create prince2 project teams three clarity at the start of a prince2 project everything will be clearly defined this includes team member roles responsibilities and lines of communication this makes collaborating and holding team members accountable much easier with fewer delays from human error projects can also proceed faster without having to sacrifice quality for risk management prince2 project managers will assess and reassess potential risks throughout our projects making it easier for them to prepare for the worst prince2 also offers the flexibility to adapt to unexpected complications and learn from them for future projects five designated autonomy prince2 gives manages the authority to make decisions without having to constantly ask for permission the exception is if they encounter issues which require help from above but this helps to avoid delays and keep operations streamlined six stakeholder representation prince2 ensures that project stakeholders are involved at every stage from planning all the way through to completion but only will managers be able to make sure their projects fit stakeholder requirements but they'll also know how to keep requirements and expectations realistic 7 a best practice framework prince2 is not merely a project management theory it's based on the collective experience of successful managers from a variety of sectors industries and occasions but only that but the framework has a long track record of success you'll find no shortage of happy practitioners good e-learning is an award-winning online training provider which covers a range of corporate standards our prince2 foundation practitioner and combined courses are designed to deliver everything you need to become certified students can enjoy full mobile accessibility 24/7 tutor supports practice tests and even free vouchers for the official examinations want to find out more contact good e-learning today you

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