What are the benefits and risks of cloud computing?

hi i'm jesse lindmar here at sensei were often asked what are the benefits and risks at cloud computing there are both benefits and risks to cloud computing let's talk about the risks security is a risk with any form of computing it's no different in the cloud you must ensure that your data is protected at all times to avoid outages just like having a network in an office you still perform security checks and protect your data from breaches and threats proper bandwidth is essential to having the best possible experience with your cloud solution you need to have a fast connection to the Internet to have your network work well talk to a cloud consultant to figure out the speed you need to talk to your cloud choosing the correct cloud provider is key to a successful cloud implementation you must trust your cloud provider as if they were your IT staff you must rely heavily on your cloud provider to react quickly and be available at all times sometimes the Terms of Service are unacceptable for businesses so read them carefully now that we've talked about some risks let's dive into the benefits security can be a risk with the cloud but did you realize that having your data in the cloud actually increases your security most good cloud solutions provide almost 100% uptime including primary and secondary sources for power air-conditioning and Internet connectivity they also provide 24/7 365 access control with biometrics and on-site guard to protect your equipment you don't get this type of security with your network in a closet outages cost your business money and the cloud helps limit how to jizz generally you experience only minor down times at off hours for scheduled maintenance everyone wants to reduce their IT costs and moving to the cloud can do that cutting down on power reducing your carbon footprint and consolidating servers or all ways that you can save money in the cloud you can also cut down on IT expenses knowing what you will pay per month with a cloud whereas having a technician visit your office Sensei offers a variety of cloud solutions to our customers along with advice about the right cloud solution for your business please call us today for a free cloud readiness assessment

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