What Are Algorithms in Data Analytics – Data Science Jargon for Beginners

hey big guys here jobs in the future calm welcome back to another episode of data jargon kind of fill you guys in on some of the data analytics terms and today we're gonna talk about algorithms now an algorithm is basically a way to take a very vast complex set of data funnel it into what is called an algorithm an algorithm does is it takes basically a complex problem and it takes a bunch of finite steps in order to devise out the common denominator so what is the data saying about product X who is buying product X where are they going to buy product X are they finding out about it through Facebook or Instagram or the news journal you know where are they getting to this product and that is what an algorithm does it divides out all of the data as if you would take a pen and paper and just start to write down okay so Johnny went to the store Susie went to Facebook Ronnie went to Facebook Teresa went to Instagram and so you would see that okay well social media specifically Facebook out of these four people is where we're getting the most product now you can't do that over millions of people that's where an algorithm comes in an algorithm takes all that information gets out a sheet of paper and does it very quickly so there are different tools like Hadoop is one of the tools that is takes a large set of data and then condenses it through a funnel and then spits out on the other end this information so a common divisor in the data industry this is what the analysts are searching for it is what is trending who is buying it where are they going for instance the common divisor is what companies want to know so that when they know where to market their products they will get the greatest return on investment and that is what you're going to do is the data analyst and that is why you are going to be so highly valued thanks for tuning in on this episode of jobs in the future comm please subscribe to our youtube channel like this video and we'll see you here next time on the next episode

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