We are SAP Product Engineering

We touched the business
of thousands of companies through
our passion, create software with
our knowledge, and shape the
lives of millions of people with our empathy. Every idea you get, every keystroke you make, every argument you fight, the frustration you face, and the success you celebrate is partof our software. Your personal
experience defines how our customers
experience SAP. Our strategic
mindset connects the dots that brings together what
belongs together, makes us faster,
more secure, and better prepared
for the future. Our curiosity
brings us further, pushes limits at motivates
us to take risks. We don’t see the
future as it could be. We see it as it will be. Our credibility allows us to set new business
standards, making life more fulfilling and exciting for everyone. We are the sum
of all of us. Your experience shapes
SAP. Together we fail together –
together we succeed. Let our customers know and feel who we are. Let them experience the intelligent enterprise.

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  1. Ekaterina Ivanova said:

    Great movie!

    March 4, 2020

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