We are PAL Robotics

Deep in the heart of the city of
Barcelona, one of the most beautiful and modern
cities in the world, there’s a group of passionate engineers devoted to a single goal: to make our life easier. We are PAL Robotics. Nowadays technology is helping us with
our daily life, but we think it can still be improved in
so many ways. That’s why we want to go one step
forward by using robotics. We firmly believe that robots can
assist humans in ways we can’t even imagine. Robotics has an unconceivable potential
and we are convinced that it will improve our life like we’ve never dreamt before. Imagine a world where you can transform repetitive and annoying tasks to something practical, fast and even enjoyable, or engaging. This is the future we want to build. But there’s still a long way to get
there. This is just the first step. In PAL Robotics we have spent more than a decade focusing on humanoid robotics research. Since 2004, when we launched our first
humanoid service robot, our products have been evolving continuously. Our service robots are being shipped
worldwide and are used every day. Over the years, we’ve been acumulating a lot of experience in many fields and that has pushed us to develop new robots for solving specific needs, like inventory-taking for retailers, Ambient Assisted Living, or light industry demand. You are invited to come with us to this new future we are building together. We are PAL Robotics.


  1. kang lu said:

    Cool..welcome to china..

    September 16, 2016
  2. Charvi Mendiratta said:

    Do you have any open source community???

    September 12, 2018

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