WCC School of Advanced Manufacturing Systems – Washtenaw Community College

Do you ever wonder how machines work? Do you enjoy solving puzzles,
or taking things apart? If so, then you should learn more
about Washtenaw Community College’s School of Advanced Manufacturing Systems. We have programs in Industrial electronics,
automation, machine tool, and numerical control programming. And at WCC, you can get the skills
needed to ensure a secure job in the changing world of manufacturing. So what can you do with these skills? How about create a new part for an airplane,
design components that make cars safer, or start your own company with a product that
will produce cleaner energy? There are many potential career paths
that you can take. Automation and robotics have changed the way
American products are made, which has created a need for workers
who can build, program, and repair these new systems. Those jobs are out there and
they aren’t going away. But to get these good jobs
you need an education. For a class project, you might program
a robot to play a game. But automation is serious business and
WCC’s training lab has sophisticated equipment that is fully integrated exactly the way
it is in the industry. At WCC you’ll find highly qualified instructors
who take a personal interest in your education. Our students are valued by
industry employers because not only have they studied theory, they have
actually built automated work cells, written control programs, and learned how
to troubleshoot automated processes. WCC graduates leave with the
knowledge to design a system that will keep an assembly line
operational and efficient. Our graduates have been hired as automated
system technicians, CNC machinists, and robot programmers
just to name a few. WCC has several articulation agreements
with Eastern Michigan University, which offers options to get your bachelor’s degree. The school’s curriculum is also the only
one in the state that infuses innovation, a creative way of thinking about manufacturing,
into almost all aspects of coursework. So you graduate with certified,
sought-after skills and ideas about how to put that
expertise to work. So, don’t let yourself be outsourced. Get hands on experience at WCC’s School of
Advanced Manufacturing Systems and take control of your career.

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