Watch Anki Cars Racing with Oracle's IoT Cloud Service

hi I'm Stuart Hogenson I'm here with John and Patrick from the Oracle Australian New Zealand team what we have here is a next-generation racing car game it's their cars are smart cars that can talk about their duty what you're going to see is how we take the data from the cars and we put it into action data without doing anything with it's kinda pointless so what we are seeing is we'll see real-time incident response you're also going to see some analytics where we do during the race analytics and then some post race analytics so they use cases maybe around asset maintenance we can see when the cars need to be cleaned unlike the obvious there's lots of internet-of-things kind of related sensor information that we're getting how do we make use of that how do we give it a flavor that will be used so the guys are starting the game like so what's happening is is guitars controlled by bluetooth from the iPad and what they do is they playing out a video game the whole time that cars are going round the track there's a lot of data being created from there from the vehicles themselves as it would be in a real vehicle we're listening to this data with the printer of sniffles over here and the growth goodbye takes that data and streams it through to our IOT cloud shows the Internet of Things cloud service that makes a few decisions what it does is it takes a look at the data analyzes some patterns what you'll see is an incident response and I'll show that in a second we're also forward here on – – moon so behind us we have database cloud service routes in real time speed dashboards this is an element of the game it isn't included so an extra what I'll do is I'll show you the incident response car crash sorry guys what happens even scream drone launches and that would be in effect our incident responder so it could be the ambulance that we have here on the fire and so that gives you some real-time aspect the dashboards as I said before we then use that data for some visualizations it appears out of our bi cloud service or our data visualization and then we push that into Big Data and we can do this analytic basically on and how the cars of behavior looking at the track we're looking at whether the cars have problems that we need to be aware of as in a real asset maintenance so the vehicle telemetry we're using that as if you were in the real life situation

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