VORAGO Technologies talks to EXPO TV at Space Tech USA 2019

space tech Expo 2019 with Ross banner time from Virago welcome to space tech Expo TV first of all thank you as a pleasure to be here Ross give us some background to the company because you've been around for quite a while but you've had a couple of names as well that's right actually the company started in 2004 known as silicon space technologies 2015 we changed the name to Virago technologies and since then were being focused on commercializing the radiation hardened products that we've been creating I'm Ross there's a hunger in there for a new space people getting into low-earth orbit going to the moon maybe even Mars what is that demand having as an impact on your business as it's led to a demand for cost effective radiation hardened components to facilitate this new space industry because these satellites have much more challenging cost budgets than done more traditional larger satellites are being used in space so really sledge a demand for low-cost radiation how the components will be provided we're talking radiation harder now why is it just so important than for these these space systems well conventional semiconductors weren't intended for use in space and there's a number of different space radiation effects that can kill a component so we mitigate against those effects by designing the product for use in space and what are the challenges in that process the challenge is to create a product that's going to be robust enough that you can fill the test and qualify and we we try to leverage commercial technologies like the ARM processor core we leverage commercial manufacturing to benefit from high volume high quality manufacturing and commercial processes that out there but really the challenge is to maintain the recipe that's been proven to be effective over many years the traceability the reduction of lots a lot variability and and create a product that's really designed for use in space that follows the traditional recipes but it's cost-effective enough to be used in new space as a component supplier then what's the next five years looking like for you guys but we see enormous growth in in CubeSat sand and more challenging budges the type of components that we're creating they are programmable with a peg ecosystem Atul's means that you can reuse a lot of software has been developed surname is to build on those building blocks the that we have in in the core and the ecosystem and make it easy for people to to get space projects develop quickly Ross thank you via time you're very welcome thank you

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