Virtual Engineering is revolutionising the way we do business | #VirtualEngineering2020

I’m Kim Matenchuk. I’m the Managing Director of Ricardo Software. Ricardo works with a cross section of industries. The challenges that we see our customers facing are around profitability of supply chain carbon footprint in cities and urban areas and how do you speed things up and make sure you can do things as efficiently as possible? Virtual product development helps customers in a few ways, first off cost reduction. Meaning that you can run simulations or testing in terms of what is possible without actually investing the hard cost. The second one is speed because you move through the development stage faster than normal. And the last way is on safety and quality and ahead of those assets being developed you can actually make sure that you’re in line with any of the safety and quality measurements that are normal for your company. Software is really the bones of what virtual engineering is. The benefit of Ricardo Software is that it’s built by engineers for engineers in verticals where we’re very knowledgeable and they have specific goals in mind in terms of making sure that our customers are profitable, that they can go to market faster that they’re solving for complex engineering challenges whilst still maintaining high standards of safety and quality. The Virtual Engineering Conference is a great opportunity to bring together some of the best minds in the industry. Customers bringing their sharpest, smartest engineers. The Ricardo Software team, the Automotive team coming together to take a look at what’s actually happening in the industry now and how we can help customers build more effectively in the future. We’re looking forward to having a wide range of delegates and we’re looking forward to having you join us here.

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