Vespa Piaggio with Fuel injected technology launched – Please subscribe the channel

hi friends welcome to my channel just see reviews if you like my video don't forget to subscribe the channel so that you receive my latest videos Italian motorcycle manufacturer Iago has been working on introducing the entire fleet of BS 6 compliant Aprilia and Vespa vehicles to India before the emission norms come into effect from April 1 2025 2019 and or early January iago India plans to move out its complete assembly production to be as six standards and by October 2019 the company aims to launch its made in ba6 vehicle in India Piaggio 2019 series of launches include an upgraded Vespa with fuel injection and a new LED headlight on the other hand new Aprilia es6 models with fuel-injected motors can be expected to be donated with new graphics as of now the existing Vespa models are part by 125 CC and 150 CC motors with the newly launched west bourbon club price in India starts from rupees 70 3733 at showroom delhi whereas in terms of the range of Aprilia scooters the recently launched a pre-law storm 125 price in india starts from rupees 65,000 the increase in prices of the piaggio vespa product lineup is quite apparent giving the inclusion of fuel injection technology but so far there has been no official confirmation regarding the exact value of price hike for example to get an idea honda has disclosed that is new Activa 125 be a six model will carry a higher price difference of 10 to 15% over the active abhi s4 model according to piaggio for the time being and until a minimum of three to five years there is no plan to revise the styling or change the basis frame or overall design of the Vespa however the company shall keep adding valuable changes to its product just like the inclusion of the new LED headlight is one of such example of the strategy speaking of the new April I saw 150 Ray's it draws inspiration from the flagship Superbike RS GP which is specially designed for MotoGP new epaulets are 150 days facelift is available at all Vespa and Aprilia showrooms at sticker price of 80211 ex-showroom Delhi thanks for watching our video hi friends welcome to my channel just reviews if it's my video

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