Verisure, Alarms with IQ (Nl+Fr OT)

very sure alarms with IQ but what does that mean alarms with IQ well let's take a look here we are at very Shores Belgium headquarters these are the telesales people armed with just a phone and a smile they'll take a virtual tour of your homeland after explaining to you but our services and installations they'll present you with a personalized offer thank you for your confidence as discussed our installer will come by next week to install your alarm system the SWAT crew is formed by a sales training and recruitment team with their very personal approach the sales teams go literally from door to door where they discussed mostly everything at the dinner table resulting in a fast wonderful service in the training department rough diamonds are polished everyday finding and approving those diamonds is a daily motivation to coaching training and modules are part of our company philosophy recruitment is the foundation of the SWAT team we look for motivated excited dynamic energetic people who are motivated to make very sure a part of their future part of the foundation of our company is formed here and now we come to some key functions in the company that the customer never sees HR IT finance and marketing I Chi ensures optimal management of the communication channels this makes us reachable 24 7 365 days a year and allows us to communicate non-stop our finance team handles the financial aspect of the company with enthusiasm and is always ready to provide services to the other departments marketing is all about communicating and interacting creating a steady flow of prospects who are interested in and excited about our services is our goal with operations we've come to the core of our company our partners service center has two units a virtual technical help desk where a technician can actually help our clients remotely there's also the technical department where installers are supervised and trained so they can tackle every challenge the customer care center takes care of the clients every possible need it thanks to them that we have the most loyal and happy clients of course they don't really give you a neck massage but if you ask nicely oh I can tell you been trained in it the customer service center is available twenty-four-seven providing total monitoring if an alarm is generated they'll take the appropriate action this is why many clients see them as guardian angels we receive the Berkeley allow them in the living room and in the kitchen can you go look please okay thank you very much SPN support works in close cooperation with logistics with a high technology products and service we have to keep up with technology so we have a flexible system that can be trusted at all times SBN and logistics will always deliver sometimes making the impossible possible so I guess it's clear what we mean when we talk about alarms with IQ these people bring a personal approach and IQ to our alarm systems you

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