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hi I am dr. Natalie Waxman ski and I teach computer programming and electronics after rut some of our new programs are designed to give you hands-on experience with the Internet of Things or IOT IOT is an emerging industry with lots of exciting job prospects it refers to a network within a connected system like a smart home where thermostats and speakers can all be connected to the Internet a key component to our new program is this IOT kit it will help you build real-world IOT systems and learn how these devices communicate with each other think of your kit like an IOT tackle box either in the classroom at home or in the library it's portable and designed to work alongside your laptop the kit has 58 components and a hundred and seventy pieces inside and a helpful guide book sure that's a lot but each element can do some really powerful stuff throughout several courses beginning with Cee is 101 you'll be guided through some real-world IOT simulations like creating a security system with motion detectors a temperature and humidity sensor or even a device that can play music our goal is to help build as many IOT experiences as possible with the IOT kit you'll be introduced to concepts in this innovative new field so check out your kit and get excited about all you will learn

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