Using technology to help Team Dimension Data compete on the world stage

date has changed cycling in a whole range of ways it's changing the viewing experience it's changing the athletes experience it's changing the management experience so it's changing everything team dimension data is one of the most forward-thinking and advanced teams in terms of the use of technology in the use of data we've leveraged technology in a big way to define enhance our performance if you think that we've taken African riders into Europe from a continent that had never been in cycling before so we brought in the best riders that we could to understand what their data was and then kind of measured it against the African riders and built that bridge [Applause] but for us to keep in front of our competitors answers this the textview in cycling we're certainly provide partners like to mention data a lot of the technology we've been in place is just helping us make better informed decisions about where we need to focus and prioritize our resources whether that's race selection whether that's right a preparation whether that's nutritional strategies if we have a lot of historical data but the grandness team puts together for us so our riders just know more than the rest of the peloton one of the important things around doing data analysis is you know knowing what information to provide and when and that's true in any sort of business situation as well most other eyes now are really looking for more data working with partners such as dimension data it's a fantastic relationship to be able to help simplify that data down so that people at all levels can start to utilize it understand we've been working with the team in quite a number of areas around how to use technology to optimize the way that the team operate to get riders to the right races in the best form that they can get to facilitate communication if you bring these things together you get this amazing combination and I think really exciting to see this journey that this team is on we're proud to be associated with a global brand like the mentioned a with its roots in Africa until the end of the season 2019 is a transition year for dimension data and the NTT family and together we know we can do great things

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