Using Cloud Computing and AI to protect rhino

well it's an emotional rollercoaster no doubt about that for the for the staff on a number of levels you've got to be very aware of it that's not only one species it's a multiple of species you know whether it's Arana species or any other things such as an elephant and so forth so it is an issue it's still a very very high valued product that is poached and then when they get into that species and there's a high value on it it's it's it's it can lead to two serious problems for those populations so I'm certainly hoping that we will have the ability to put sensors throughout this part and that they all work and we're be able to react to them so that's the plan we've taken these old technologies which is actually so simple and with merges of these newer as a cognitive services and it enabled us to actually filter out so many photos if it picks up the human it will actually create an alert with the GPS current and a father which is quite powerful for Peace Box Foundation I work as a project manager and coordinating they are combating wildlife crime programs I think where that's what's proven very valuable is that in-depth knowledge that we've been able to have access to through this partnership what it's done is it's transformed the way that we think about systems and technologies a lot of the time you're very limited to the amount of things you can do things are very fragmented and what is the lightest to do is to centralize a lot of that information throw away the irrelevant information only send on stuff is pertinent to managers on the ground I think the goal is ready to create a completely scalable digital nervous system or a central nervous system that runs service without infrastructure can scale infinitely and to be able to use platform services and to really focus on what's relevant since we saw opportunity to use as a it's taken us less than four ways to actually implement a full working system that would have been impossible for someone like myself to go and try and reprogram else I mean it's like trying to reinvent the wheel and they've actually creative awesome

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