United Nations day of Education.

I am Linda O’Neill and I am the education
leader at CELCIS and today we are celebrating the very first UN
International Day of Education with the theme of Education being a key driver
for inclusion and empowerment for young people. In Scotland we know that there’s
a gap between children who have care experience and those who don’t
in terms of attainment exclusion and attendance. What that tells us is about
how children are experiencing and their educational journeys. If they are not at
school, they don’t feel included and if they’re not at school they’re not
learning and able to attain, and that’s not good enough.
What we do have though as I really enabling policy context. We have the
responsibility in law to be Corporate Parents for our children – all schools,
all local authorities and all public bodies – and what that does is gave us the
privilege of being able to ensure that we are upholding children’s rights and
we are secured in their well-being so that they feel included and they feel
empowered through their whole educational journey. What we know though, is that to make the biggest difference to some of our most vulnerable children,
is that we need to do the best things in the best way to make positive
improvements to how children experience education and ensure that they are
included and feel empowered. That is why at CELCIS we have produced LOOKED AFTER AND LEARNING. This is a benchmarking and self evaluation toolkit that can be
used in any education setting, to think about how we are working with
children and how our services are shaped to provide the best educational
experiences for our children. It is available completely free to download
from our website, it’s easy to use and you can also access support through the
same size education team.

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