UNC Charlotte Majors: College of Computing and Informatics

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey ya'll. My name's Nate
Equan. I'm a sophomore, double major in computer
science and criminal justice, within the College of
Computing Informatics. And I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I chose my double major in computer science and criminal justice because
I personally love computing. I love everything about it. I love the whole ability to
create something from nothing and having the background
knowledge of computers mixed in with a
complete knowledge of the criminal justice
system seemed like the way to prepare myself for what I
want to do when I graduate. UNC Charlotte has the largest computing program in the Carolina's. But just because
we're large, doesn't mean we're not personal. Every student gets personal
attention in the labs, in classes, during advising. Computing is a field that's
changing all the time. We think that women should be more
involved in computing because women have different ideas about what you might do with computing than guys do. We're very good to
the women who come in. We have scholarships, we create
social learning environments, it's just a really great
place for women to study. We use active learning
techniques in every class that we can. There are questions that
students work on answering, that they do in groups. They collaborate
with each other. It gives you the opportunity
to learn about different ways that you could do
something, that you had no idea how to do before.

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