UNC Asheville Mechatronics

in our mechatronics program which is really a wonderful program I call that a it's a creative collision and so it's bringing together it were in the steam studio as well with the sculpture we have engineering we have computer science and with mechatronics what it is is it's asking the question what's the problem we're trying to solve as opposed to just coming in and fixing something and so we've got a team teaching approach where students from art engineering and computer science working on a solution to solve a mobility problem for a person with a disability last year we watched our students develop some devices and they were not only functional they were aesthetically beautiful so thinking about what does it take to make a cane stable well let's put an Eagles Talon on it so for balance let's make the handle beautiful and strong so when you bring together two different disciplines the results are magnificent and they're really preparing our students for the way they're going to work in this 21st century and partnerships and teams using innovation and being curious about what somebody else does and what they can bring to bear to solve the problem so it's a lot of fun we look at the creative process of design so we've deliberately port engineering and sculpture in the same place to come up with a solution to a mechanical problem there's a lot of art in that and there's a lot of stepping back and designing and rethinking it and in everything when you know I think about and very elegant-looking that Steve Jobs used when he was being interviewed and he talks about at the heart of Apple's research was liberal arts because in order to make you could have the great mechanics you need to pull people and they want to pick up a product they want to be curious about it yet they're elegant they're beautiful and so the sensibility of design really helps advance the solutions that come from the mechanics of something so I think that the arts have a big place in the work of engineering in problem solving when you think about it you step back they pull together beautifully by using technology where we're bringing in classroom teaching from NC State here to campus and our faculty working back and forth so it gives her okay a bigger group of colleagues and it allows the faculty from some of these bigger institutions to get some time with undergraduates which we all love to do you

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