UN Women Executive Director: Girls in ICT Day Message

greetings in 1995 189 governments from around the world signed the Beijing platform for action a groundbreaking blueprint for gender equality and female empowerment 20 years on we have a lot to be proud of but our work is unfinished around the world gender bias continues to be a problem the bias is also visible in the ICT field where women and girls are acutely under represented technology is increasingly being used to deliver essential social services like education and health care it can only be a vehicle for political participation social mobilisation and a vehicle for challenging stereotypes with technology poised to underpin so much of our world 90% of future jobs will require ICT skills so women need to be at the forefront of ICT development and development of application technology must be available to female students entrepreneurs and policy makers and we need to make ICT careers more accessible and appealing to women and girls right now fewer than 70% of computer science degrees go to female students women creates only 9% of the apps in Europe globally women only make up at the upper end 15% of top decision makers in the technology sector let's flip the stats let's achieve gender parity and locate more women in leadership positions and put women at the vanguard of developing an inclusive digital society thus your generation can achieve girls and ICT day is all about changing perceptions and opening girls minds to the many varied opportunities out there UN Women is delighted to work alongside ITU to promote girls in ICT Day 2015 I personally encourage government's ICT companies and educators around the world to get together and collaborate to showcase the exciting world of ICT it does empower the girls to shape their future

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  1. Vance H said:

    Sharing, Equality and Peace for all will Save Our Planet.

    June 28, 2019

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