UCS Student Competes in Mechatronics

on eisenhower high school graduate is making a name for himself in the world of mechatronics which is a branch of engineering which looks at electrical and mechanical systems of a product even though Thomas Fez II is a newly graduated high school student his awards and accolades have taken him to many competitions for this skill Shelby TVs Brendon koukin has more a mechatronics student Thomas has excelled in competitions such as skills USA so skills USA is a conferences held every year at the regional state national level I competed last year and I won bronze in electronics technology and I also competed it again this year and I won gold in electronics technology electronics technology he tells us is a specific area of competition within the SkillsUSA program I led a team that won $10,000 in the Ford ngl steam challenge we it was the name of our project was project powerhouse and so like I said we want second place nationally and got to go to the steam elevate conference Thomas will venture to the SkillsUSA national competition competing in electronics technology so I'm going to Louisville Kentucky to compete nationally and represent Michigan but not only Michigan UCS I utica Center for science industry for Shelby this week I'm Brendon koukin

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