UCLH/UCL BRC Clinical and Research Informatics Unit

the main aim of the creo is to facilitate clinicians researchers but hopefully also in the future patients to access their own data to improve daily care my name is sue I'm a patient and I have osteoarthritis and both hips and that meant that last year I had to have a full hip replacement on my right hand side nowadays participating in research is so much more than trying out the new canura treatment it's actually about helping to shape what research should take place based on what's important to us and what will improve our quality of life I think UCLH has shown great foresight in establishing the informatics unit this is a unit that will collect and store our data safely so there's one place that researchers and scientists can go to use our consented in 2017 UCLH procured epic a new electronic health record system which will be crucial essential for our clinical research informatics units to extract data but also to harmonize clinical care pathways across the different departments so the BRC clinical research informatics unit opened in 2017 to provide a platform to enable the better use of data to derive insights and knowledge to support the vision and ambitions of UCLH one of the world's leading teaching hospitals I'm really lucky to you trying for me out the church and what's really important in this story is our data sharing your data will help researchers understand more about diseases help to monitor progress and safety of treatments and help to better plan on medical care services as patients we can help to make history

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