UBC Okanagan's Mechatronics Club

mechatronics is amazing everything about it is great from the from the people in the club which is a great help to get to the tools they provide into the awesome projects we get to make mechatronics is the unity of electrical and mechanical engineering just working together kind of robots I guess is a great example because it's a mechanical object that you can make move via programming and some sort of microcontrollers I didn't know anything about electronics club before I came to university again I wasn't overly involved in electronics in high school and I saw what a useful resource this was for people who ended up in very complex projects in first and second year and I wanted to be part of that but I wanted to hopefully help people as I've been helped you can decide what we can do university to help fund us for whatever project we can imagine you know it's great for the public are your main products give a robot onkyo we have some drones quadcopters give a 3d printer 3d LED cube and you know various other products were working on and there's always more coming along but always very interesting and always great to work on we just exists to facilitate student involvement to help them build something really on edge of left school so they have something to show for it and it's kind of fun you just get leave the school world behind you don't have to do an exam you don't have to do with test you just get a plug and play these tests out if it works if it breaks if you blow up the capacitor it doesn't matter you put a new one in there and you try again which i think is really important most robotics which fits into mechatronics is incredibly interesting I mean when I was young enough for saw as a mobile Honda robot I was incredibly excited me it's very interesting to see something that is otherwise you can animate have a real and physical impact on the world and to be a part of controlling and governing how that ax is really really interesting

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