Tutorial 2 – Siemens NX Mechatronics Concept Designer English

welcome to a student project at damn shut University of Applied Sciences we introduce you to simulation of a shocking plan in mechatronics concept designer name of the project data visualize a real plant as detailed as possible but he helped up the simulation it should be possible to test plans of this type and at 1 and click pencil efficiently based on the previous seminar project our focus was on the optimization of the circle property the implementation of sources and sinks as well as a new method to certain in the simulation to depict physical properties of the model we have determined these at the beginning for the individual component for example mass and fractions with the help of the rigidbody function we want to adjust the masses and inertial properties of the individual blocks the rigidbody option is selected for moving objects in the simulation in the control panel of the rigidbody the object block aluminum is selected going the volume analysts have to select the custom item the mass is brought in front 5 grams materials are available through perhaps menu tools material assigned material then you select the desired body in our case in the aluminium block 2014 furthermore the lock should also be defined as a collision body so it can interact with other component if that wasn't accomplished a lot of fall through the other component in the collision farm tab the numerical mesh quality is defined for calculation now as a quality of finest of the mesh the more computing power is needed but the quality of the results increased in the convex vector corresponds to a mesh formation for finite element method unlike other computation methods there are lower number indicates a height element number our designer work the other way around in the case of mechatronics conscious designers Moe notes are created for the calculation as a factor increases the maximum number of nodes for grid is 136 which was not feasible with available computing power there form you choose multi convex and that the convex pecked at one point zero zero this setting gives sixty elements the same method was adapted for the block plastic leg however a new material had to be defined for the clock plastic quite as the plastic PL cam holy oxymetholone was not start in the material library to do this create a new material use new tabs menu tools materials select material create materials the titus is a tropic for our calculation we define the density and the modulus of elasticity the definition of other values such as thermal and electrical properties was not necessary for our application finally the fracturing coefficient of a thread must be defined for this purpose we use a collision material now the values for the dynamic friction coefficient also known as sliding friction the static friction the rolling friction and the impact coefficient are supplementary we approach these values for trial and error Linc's values were not shown in the datasheet at the end of this chapter we will show you before and after comparison of the simulation in the upper left-hand corner the initial state is shown as well as your result of our optimization is shown in the right bottom corner next we will focus on sources and sinks to allow our simulation and unlimited duration we have changed the Vinit number of blocks to a infinite source this is possible using the object source function when an object sauce is activated an existing body with all its physical properties is dublicate the object you want to duplicate is first selected in the control panel of the object source in the activation cap both time controlled activation setting as well as once per activation setting can be selected we have choosen the setting 1 speculation thence the source can be triggered by an external signal the making of the signal will be explained later in the video the objective function is needed to remove the generated blocks at a defined point the condition for this is a coalition central which specifies the location of the sync mentioned sensor recognizes by means of a boolean signal whether there will be a collision at a certain point in the collisions on the panel the fog kitchen user defined a set set a shape to sphere to allow the center of the sphere to be attached to the component select the tab point via curved edge and select the desired location and her radius of 10 millimeters Alexa previously created collisions and zones option fields of the object sansa and sets of SARS at any position the objects are linked to the object thing by means of the function signal Center can uncreate output file therefore the parameter can only be read not erasmus however for our application it is mandatory to execute verification this means to describe the signal in an implant condition the description of the condition takes place in the technology after function in the signal field to type a certain point the datatypes pool with an initial value of fall this signal is linked to the source aluminium in the control panel of a signal adapter the previously created signal as well as information of the coalition sender inserted as parameters by selecting so signal the formula assignment is possible in our case we have inserted an if condition to check for a collision in the case of the black and white lock similar procedure is coloured but both plugs should disappear and the same position sync but this purpose to objecting are required on the same point each have to be linked in a separate collision center to ensure that a black block is created in the objects are after thinking like pork this monitored felon the white blog is in resting position on this time only selected objects must be used in the sauce step and sauce of the black block must be selected with the help of the signal function and speech check of the white block is performed in this panel select output type the data type is double the initial value is zero millimeter per second now the speed signal of the white plug is inserted as a parameter in a new signal adapter for the black block in the equation tab the speed of the white block is checked the more famous leads through the collision detection if the condition of the white block in resting position is fulfilled and the collision center of the black block is triggered the sauce will be activated for the white block the logic hatch area for the collision center was said to avoid the speech check of the black block otherwise the previous procedure will be executed finally be a processing sorting method or model in the previous project sorting was implemented using the prevent collation function that means that the individual blocks must not interfere with the coalition sensor however this option is filled out for our simulation then sir collision suppression function cannot be inherited to blocks created by an object source therefore we have tried to perform sorting via material check this option is not yet available in mechatronics concept designer for this reason similar to the implementation of sources and sinks we again carried out a speed check but individual blocks by means of the second function in the control panel of the function select the aluminium block we use already predefined signal detection sensor in doctor from the predecessor project which already has a direct connection with simulation program symmetry and the integrated PLC the formula is assignment to the already accessing signal sensor inductive if the condition that goes the unblock is in motion and collision center collides with a front collision sensor it is sorted out in our simulation the only transmit the signal of the airplane condition to the PLC and without the direct transfer of the collision sensor signal the parameter name is lenio velocity X which corresponds to velocity in the X direction the type is out working with an initial value of zero millimeters per second repeatedly the Caribe on entry in the symbol table is made it is advisable to create a news Kable to ensure a clear working environment the actual sorting is performed at the speed and collation check by means of a planned condition was in the signal adapter the signal adapter supplemented by the parameter of the collision sensor and the object signal aluminium which was previously generated a further important detail is the equation of the runtime parameter which has transmitted a boolean signal to submit for collision checking cyclic o intervals in addition the deactivation of the runtime parameter which has transmitted the boolean signal of the collision center to submit that cyclic or interval is necessary

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