Truth About Tech: Are Your Kids Hooked?

I check my phone a lot. More than I can
count I check it usually when I wake up in the
morning. Before school. During school. A couple of times each class. At lunch. After school – walking home – while I’m doing homework I’m watching people’s stories. Check Instagram – I’m going through my feed. Watch videos – playing a game – liking pictures I’m constantly checking my phone until I go to bed. [Music] [Laughter] I think it’s a mixture of
everything that’s on social media that makes it so cool. Stories or Bitmojis
or GIFs – teens want to try out the new feature they want to be on the cutting
edge of the technology that’s coming out. So on Snapchat there’s like the Snap
shows, there’s Snapchat streaks In the morning just send a streaks picture and
when I get home from school send a streaks picture and now it’s like a habit
to do when I get on my phone. When I post things on social media
there’s definitely a period where I’m checking who saw it. How many views you
get and what people are liking on my stories and what I should keep posting. There is a lot of pressure to present a version of yourself that’s close to
perfect. I almost never post a picture that hasn’t been like touched up in any
way on Instagram. I always check it. If it’s not gonna get as many likes is my
other pictures I might delete it I have binge watched I think multiple
shows I watched about 10 to 12 episodes in a day. The15 seconds between each
episode definitely makes you feel like you have to you have this urgent choice
you have to make. Instead of having to wait for an episode to come out every week
Netflix as a whole makes it a lot easier to just consume so much media all at
once in a row. I’m still trying to decide but it starts playing an episode,
I’m like “Oh it won’t hurt.” You find yourself like two hours later and you’re
still watching it and you have homework to get done. I watch a lot of YouTube
probably more than Netflix and the suggested videos help me like subscribe
to new people. I will watch videos for like an hour and a half without even
having a plan to do that. There’s just so much content that’s just addicting. I absolutely think that there is an
addictive quality to video games. The longest I’ve ever spent playing a game
is four hours. 12 hours straight. It’s just, it’s really fun to play it. Sometimes I’ll you know I’ll just keep going if I really want to level up in a
video game. When I do my homework my phone is normally next to me. And I definitely do check it, and sometimes I get sidetracked. If I’m doing my homework
on my laptop I might be intermittently checking my phone. Sometimes if I just
get too bored of my homework I might play like Candy Crush or something. I feel like I’m distracted a lot. I procrastinate a lot when I sit down be
like okay I’m gonna finish this and then five minutes later I’m just like playing
video games and I don’t even know how that happened. I would say that I’m
definitely hooked on my phone. I feel that I’m very aware of this and I’m not
very happy about it. The most I’ve gone without my phone is
about half a day and it felt really really stressful. I feel like I have, like kind of like a hole in
me when I don’t have like my phone on me. I get like stressed out like oh I’m
probably missing this big thing. Some of the pressures that I have as far
as social media go is that I want to be able to, um, keep up with everybody and where
they’re at and how many followers and likes they get. I have definitely had
times where I’ve just been frustrated and just deleted apps off my phone. I went to a summer sleepaway camp for a month, and it actually felt pretty good
being away from my phone but as soon as I got back and saw everybody using their
phone I was like well now I should just get back on my phone. I have definitely
been emotionally affected by social media maybe even depressed but it’s hard
to say which causes what sometimes. I sometimes wish that it wasn’t a thing so
I could just hang out my friends and play basketball or do other things like that.

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