Travel & Transportation: Big Data Analytics – Hani Mahmassani

translation sector is vast there are you know it covers you know everything from moving a box from A to B you know from A to B whether you use a T's but that's PS or whatever it involves us moving it just it's a very large and diverse system and so the opportunities there really will will vary I guess across you know across the sector but generally when you have data of course this data is increasingly coming to us in real-time and that's what's really giving you the the big data side of things because now in addition to location an addition to where things are where people are you're getting the the physical state the you know your your you know your kind of tracking the components whether you know it's their impending failure and that you know the physics of that gets a lot more complicated of course and that gives you huge volumes of data when you think of how vast the infrastructure is it allows us to provide more efficient service and more effective service that allows us to improve the quality of the user experience in the transportation system it goes down to the financial performance of course of the organizations involved it allows entities to innovate and pricing to innovate in against service quality and to just create transparency really through the entire system for both the operators the owners and the users mobile devices than our sources of data they're like sensors but they're individual sensors and they're again they're user centric in the sense you get information on your and my experience as we go through the network and but they're also tools for interventions and they allow us to send information to people so that we can improve their experience and in some way so that we can try to perhaps modify their behavior in a way that is best for them and for the system overall and so what we're looking at is really the technology is a way of improving the user experience and it's doing that through data through real-time data through big data in a sense but and through predictive analytics ultimately so we're really able to improve that user experience by targeting services to users by improving overall system performance by somehow telling people where they should be going if they want to avoid the congested points but it's also about communicating and ultimately that that's becomes a very natural compliment to to travel and becomes a tool for both for sensing and for making our experience better overall

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