Translating with Docs Add-ons

I’m going to show you how you can speak to billions of
people in dozens of languages, simply by using Google Docs. This worldly experience
is made possible by implementing a
Google Translate add-on with Apps Script. Add-ons are a quick and
easy way for developers to extend the functionality
of Google Docs. They’re small pieces
of extra functionality that you can create and share. They’re powered by Apps Script,
a Google-customized version of JavaScript that gives
apps access to various Google services. In our case, we’ll
use Google Translate to extend the power of docs. When you’re trying to
communicate with co-workers or share documentation
in different languages, it’s hard to make sure you’re
saying the right things. Say you’re trying to plan a
company dinner in Spanish. Where the difference between
the word dad and potato lies in one single
accent mark, you can’t just be pretty sure that
what you’re writing is correct. In this video,
we’ll show you how to use the Apps Script
Language Translation Service and a helpful add-on. Let’s take a closer look at
the setup and functionality of working with add-ons. Setting up a Docs
add-on is simple. Create a new Google document
and access its Script Editor. Click on the link below to
take a look at the sample code. Copy and paste this code
in your Script Editor. And now, you have the
code to perform these text translations. Next, let’s set up a sidebar
to input the translation. And we can do this with
a simple HTML file. Hit Save and make sure you
name this new script something you’ll remember, like Translate
Quick Start or I Love My Potato. Now, reload your Google Doc. And you’ll be able to
start using your add-on. In order for it to
run, you’re going to be prompted
for authorization. This is because you need to give
the script permission to read and alter your Google Doc, in
order for it to translate text. And this also makes
sure that you’re aware of what information
this add-on gets to access. Now, you’re all set
and ready to translate your text in real time, directly
from your Google document. Try it out. Highlight some words. Hit that blue Translate button. And if you like
what you see, hit Insert to replace
your highlighted text with its translation. With Language App, you can now
translate over 100 languages, from A to Z, or from
Afrikaans to Zulu. Now, you can communicate with
anyone, anywhere, and be sure that you’re doing so as quickly
and accurately as possible. Use the same translator
you know and trust, just do it better
and do it in Docs. Make sure to check out
our channel for more videos on fun G Suite add-ons. Thanks for watching.

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