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– They there, I’m Luke. The number of homeschooling families has grown substantially over the years. There are many reasons for this growth, including more and more parents are finding jobs that
allow them to be remote so they travel and bring
their family along. Many parents are simply
taking their child’s education into their own hands. Why is that? Well, the reasons actually
vary substantially however there are some common factors. School population continues
growing and, because of this, resources have become more strained. Teachers are facing
burnout at an alarming rate which leaves less one-on-one help and ever expanding classroom sizes. There’s also some serious dissatisfaction with the rate of the
school system’s advance in technology and simply
keeping up with the times. If you have ever thought
of making the transition to homeschooling or at
least are interested in knowing some of the secrets, you will not want to miss
what I’m about to show you. Welcome to this episode of
Special Education Decoded. (upbeat music) Before we deep dive into things you should know about homeschooling, I’m hoping you can help. On the bottom, right-hand
side of your screen you’ll see a little logo with
the word subscribe on it. Click that real quick. Thank you so much. All right, here’s what we’re
gonna discuss in today’s video. Number one, homeschool pros. Number two, homeschool cons. Number three, traditional school pros. And number four, traditional school cons. And number five, meeting in the middle. Let’s start with the
pros of homeschooling. Homeschooling allows
parents to provide children with an exceptional education enriched by real-world experiences
including things such as 4H, scouting, church groups,
community volunteering, and even traveling to destinations such as historic places. It allows flexibility to spend extra time on your child’s gifted areas. As a parent, you’re able
to run an online business which in turn helps teach
entrepreneurial skills to your child. Finally, homeschooling allows the ability to educate through everyday life. Next, let’s discuss some of
the cons of homeschooling. First and foremost, your
children are always home. Now this may be far from a con for some, but time to yourself is also important. Homeschooling is
time-consuming for parents. Often you need to force social interaction since your child doesn’t physically go to a place where their peers are. For homeschooling parents are always asked and may get very old. How do you socialize your child? You must be very religious, right? And how in the world do
you have the patience? Next, let’s shift our focus
to traditional schools starting with the pros. Traditional school prepares children for the real world in a lot of aspects, allows them to work in groups. Children spend time interacting
to accomplish projects. There’s less supervision as children age. Also less intervention from parents. Services are available for
children with special needs. The traditional school
includes enrichment activities such as art and music. And finally, both parents are able to work if needed or wanted. Let’s go over some cons
related to traditional school. Family schedules need
to mirror the district’s because things such as extended
absences are frowned upon. The traditional school
primarily teaches to the middle. As an example, gifted
students are typically not put in a position
to maximize that gift. Also children with special needs are often not provided
with everything they need. The traditional school system
may teach different values than you would like, such as politics or history or religious beliefs. Also, traditional, private
schools can be expensive. Even some public schools
require things such as uniforms and fundraisers and school parties. Lastly, there are things
that are just not taught in public schools such as money management and other life skills
that need to be learned. No matter where you are
in your thought process regarding homeschooling, many
families have made the jump. In fact, with the
advancement of technology and the ability for
people to work anywhere, even full-time RV-ing
has seen a massive spike. This requires homeschooling and thousand of folks
have begun their journey. We enjoyed that lifestyle
for a year and a half. Here’s the secret to all of this. There are zero signs
that the education system will improve during your
child’s school years. Now that’s a hard pill to
swallow for sure, but it’s true. While there are pockets of great districts and rooms filled with
extraordinary teachers, they are the exception. If your child is falling behind, you can’t wait for the school system to come to their rescue. The lack of resources will
not allow it anytime soon. If your child is excelling in school it’s most likely due to the fact that they have an incredible teacher who spends a lot of their
personal time building, creating, and implementing
the resources necessary for children to reach maximum success. So while you may not want to make the jump from traditional school
to full-time homeschool, there’s a happy medium
that millions of parents have latched onto. We have. Our daughter is seven years old. She’s gifted in many areas and we found that traditional school is too easy for her. Instead of pulling her out of school and bringing her into a
full-time homeschool environment, we have her work with one of
our special education experts three times a week. She focuses on her gifted
areas which, for her, includes math and reading. She absolutely loves this process and tells her teacher
at school all the time about her sessions the
day after they take place. At a minimal cost and
zero family interruption, this is the direction hundreds
of families have gone. For more information about our programs, take a look at the
description for this video. I truly hope this video
helped you understand more about homeschooling and
options that may exist or, at the very least, opens
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