Tour of Innovation Spaces at Duke University

Welcome to Duke, welcome to Durham! Where the spirit of innovation is alive and well. Let’s take a tour of some of the
area’s best innovation spaces. The Bullpen is home of Duke I&E and serves as the hub for all innovation and entrepreneurship activities at Duke
University. Located at 215 Morris Street in historic downtown Durham, the Bullpen features collaborative event meeting and classroom space as well as the Duke I&E
offices. Students can also participate in a broad range of programs and activities including the Me lissa and Doug Entrepreneurs program and The Cube a
selective living group for entrepreneurs And down the street an American
Underground Duke students have access to work space among 275 startup companies
in three locations and all of our buildings are open 24/7. We’re here at the CoLab Studio where student innovators can get access to a variety
of resources that they need to bring their ideas to life. Things like 3D
printers, laser cutters, electronics and a variety of other tools. At Gross Hall students may take courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, meet with I&E
faculty and enjoy one-on-one advising. They also may apply for the Duke I&E
certificate, one of the top three certificates at Duke University. Also located in Gross Hall is The Foundry. This is a shared makerspace available to students,
staff and faculty from across Duke. We have a variety of tools and equipment and
materials that users of the space can take advantage of. Welcome to the Carmichael Building, one
of two former tobacco warehouses down here in what’s called the Durham
Innovation District. the other being the Chesterfield building, that have been
repurposed as high technology research buildings serving the Duke School of
Medicine. And the Durham Innovation District is
growing with plans to expand. Whether you’re a Duke student faculty staff or
alum, take advantage of the buzzing entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Durham.

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